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  • Article Excerpts - Why are Angels part of the Christmas Celebration

    Why are Angels part of the Christmas Celebration is not always clear for Christians. They are always a part of the scenes at Christmas but with the focus on Jesus, their participation is many times overlooked. This is because they are the supporting cast to this blessed event of Jesus Christ’s birth. This is one of the reason why the Wendt & Kuhn Angels were created the way they were. The Angels of God are his messengers to the people of earth. They make his announcements and help guide the people to what God wants them to see..... read our articles
  • Article Excerpts - The German Pyramid of My Grandmother

    My grandmother loved all things related to Christmas and handmade German crafts, particularly German pyramids. Each Christmas season my grandmother would decorate her entire home in such detail, it was a wonder it did not take her all year long to get it just right. ..... read our articles
  • Article Excerpts - Do German Pyramid Levels Have Significance?

    German pyramids have been a Christmas tradition for over three centuries in Germany and the tradition has been spreading throughout Europe, America, and the rest of the world ever since. Germany is responsible for creating, advancing, or promoting the majority of the Christmas traditions that we all celebrate in today..... read our articles
  • Article Excerpts - German figurine creation - handcrafting wood collectibles

    What goes into the creation of a German Figurine? Germany is proud of its numerous artisans who labor to create handmade crafts, many of which can be found at Christmas markets or Christkindlmarkts worldwide. These figurines have personalities and can be discovered as characters in Cuckoo clocks, music boxes, nutcrackers, German smokers as well as characters found in candle carousels or pyramids. There are numerous steps that the craftsmen go though in the creation of each and every handcrafted figurine..... read our articles
  • Article Excerpts - German Wooden Nutcracker

    Police Guard Nutcracker From the time that man and nuts have co-existed nutcrackers or "nussknackers" have been along to assist man in their endeavor to break open hard shells and access the meaty goodness of the nut. These nutcrackers have varied in materials, mechanical makeup and function, depending on what resources existed to use in the implement and which type of nut was being cracked. Some of the earliest nutcrackers were created out of stone. A few of these stone nutcrackers are very elaborate. Some operate by a ..... read our articles
  • Article Excerpts - German Christmas Legend of Santa Claus

    A traditional smoker figurine depicting Saint Nicholas as a bishop Today the celebration of Christmas includes a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments and lights, the gathering of loved ones, and of course, Santa Claus with lots of brightly wrapped gifts. The personification of Santa Claus is modernly known as a merry old fellow with a bushy white beard proceeded by seven reindeer. He is eagerly anticipated as a gift giver who deposits gifts under Christmas trees to children of all ages; and like all legends, the story of Santa Claus ..... read our articles
  • Article Excerpts - Smoking Wood Figurine or German Incense Smoker Uses

    A German Smoker Figurine is an incense holder of sorts. They come in a variety of shapes and characters, some as buildings, others as stoves and many as various people - occupations. All of the smokers have a spot where incense is inserted and lit and have a sometimes humorous method for the smoke to escape. We have heard of and seen our German smokers used in many creative ways. Many families have incorporated them into family Christmas traditions that are unique and filled with fun...... read our articles
  • Article Excerpts - Erzgebirge Germany – Home to Christmas ornaments

    The Erzgebirge Regions of Germany is full of life, culture and traditions. This area claims to be the birthplace of many Christmas customs and icons, like the Christmas tree and Christmas ornaments, as well as many traditional Christmas gifts like candle carousels, pyramids, nutcrackers, figurines and smokers. These crafts like the region, are unique, enchanted and have a broad history. Arch Ornament with Santa. The Erzgebirge Regions are characterized by a string of tree-covered mountains, which extends from ..... read our articles
  • Article Excerpts - German Christmas Ornaments History

    Christmas ornaments were not always used as Christmas tree decorations. They have been found in various aspects of the holiday celebrations, before the tree became emblematic in family traditions. As with most of America’s Christmas traditions, much of the history of Christmas ornaments stems from Europe and more accurately from the holiday traditions of Germany. It is from this wonderful country that we have received the actual celebration of Christmas. Martin Luther, a figurehead in the reformation, was born and died in ..... read our articles
  • Article Excerpts - German Nativity Scenes

    German Nativity Scenes: As Found in Candle Pyramids, Wooden Arches & Scenes, and Many Christmas Ornaments. Christmas has its birthplace in the country of Germany. It was in this country, during the Reformation that the winter celebration of Christmas became a tradition, now shared around the world by Protestants, Catholics, and seculars alike. Before there was “Christmas,” people would celebrate the winter solstice. What made Christmas new and different was that it was started as a day to remember the birth of the Christ ..... read our articles
  • Article Excerpts - The Miner in German Handcrafts

    The Erzgebirge Mountains have been renown for the detailed woodcrafts and toys, which are created in this region of Germany. These crafts have several recurring and at times overlapping themes. Many of these themes involve the celebration of Christmas, it is said that this holiday began here during the Reformation. Subject matter of these handmade crafts includes: miners, angels, the Seiffen Church, Kings, and Soldiers as well as a number of occupations. The miner is one of the characters, found in numerous smokers, nutcrackers, ..... read our articles
  • Article Excerpts - King Ludwig and German Handcrafts

    Bavaria, King Ludwig’s and the German Handcrafts, Nutcrackers and Figurines Devoted to Them. Bavaria Germany is an area rich in folklore, each Christmas this region welcomes numerous Weinachtsmarkts and Christkindlmarkts. These are Christmas markets where little huts sell mostly handcrafted wares. As a backdrop for these cozy, festive gatherings are medieval towns with castles in the distance. Three of these castles were built be the "Mad King" Ludwig, who is the subject in numerous German nutcrackers and figurines...... read our articles